and the Forbidden Mountain

An adventurous story from the jungle with a journey to discover one's uniqueness.



More than 15,000 copies sold within the first year in Czech Republic.

Loved by readers

 A 95%+ rating on two main Czech book reviewing websites.

For age 8 to ∞ years

Hundreds upon hundreds of five star reviews from readers of all ages.

Author presenting the book Agnes and the Forbidden Mountain (EN subtitles)

Veronika Hurdová

Czech author of 14 books for both children and adults.

Bestselling self-publisher, who has sold over 37,000 copies of her books in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Since 2014 she has been writing her successful blog which won the prestigious Crystal Lens Award in the category of One (Wo)man show.

She frequently gives public talks at festivals or at meetings with her readers. She is a favorite guest on a variety of podcasts and online conferences as well as on mainstream and commercial media.

Agnes and the Forbidden Mountain

Agnes lives in a virgin forest tribe of Magreys. Each tribal member is born with an exceptional gift. 

As soon as the Magrey discovers and masters the gift, there comes the time to perform it during a Full Moon Celebration and to promise not to misuse it and to share the skill with the whole tribe. 

illustratons by Alisha Zalesak
illustratons by Alisha Zalesak

There is only one catch. All the Magreys must manage to do so before their twelfth birthday, otherwise they turn into Shadows.

Agnes just celebrated her eleventh birthday. And unlike her peers, she still has no idea what her gift is.

Therefore, she sets out on a dangerous journey to the Forbidden Mountain. 

To the very same mountain, from which her daddy didn't return five years ago.

The readers often compared Agnes to 

Harry Potter for its catchy story

or to The Little Prince for the tenderness and personal development potential.

"Every one of us is unique. Once we discover the light within us, the world becomes a better place to live in."

I'd like to thank my children for being the inspiration behind my book. None of them are particularly keen on studying, making the life of a home-schooling parent a tad frustrating.

Despite not showing main signs of becoming aspirants for the Nobel prize in the future, I can already see their huge human qualities - I almost dare to say gifts. 

And even if their gifts can't be easily displayed at a school talent show, they are important for life and can help improve not only their lives, but also the lives of people around them.

I'm convinced that everyone has a gift inside. And it's a shame that many of us finish school feeling worthless or not being able to put these gifts into practice."

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