My story

I am an author, blogger and a public speaker. 

My goal is to share the ideas which I believe can lead to a more fulfilling, responsible, and meaningful life such as unschooling/world-schooling, minimalism, community zero-waste lifestyle, self-esteem and the art of slow life. 

All of these topics are tied together by the unifying thread of freedom, along with simplicity and ease of life, and accepting death as an inevitable part of living. These are the main topics I cover in my books, talks, and speeches.

However, most of all I am a mother of three lovely children, whose ages are constantly changing, and who seem to grow taller with every passing moment. 

Just one thing is certain right now: All of them will grow taller than me soon.

We live in Prague... well... most of the time. 

We spend four to five months per year traveling. 

We travel at a slow pace because we don't hunt for the must-see places but we would rather try to get to know the country through the people. 

Since 2019 my children and I have been volunteering on farms abroad.

For I believe that the world is the best classroom, and people who we meet in real life can be the best teachers, my children are homeschooled.

In 2015 when I was pregnant with our youngest baby boy, my husband Jan had an accident and died.

I did not break down. I did not fight. I just accepted the fact with a heart full of sadness.

Since Jan's death, I have learned to find joy in small little everyday things around me.

I believe that everything in your life has some purpose, and it is happening for your own good.

Today, I am a happy woman. If I were able to plan out my entire life, it would never have turned out as good as it is now. Most of my days feel like a vacation. I am my own boss and I treat myself well because I deserve it.

I love forests, having my feet warm, and my late husband Jan, who is waiting for me in heaven. I don't like guided tours, classification of people, or people with a closed mindset. Today, I live with my partner, Petr, and I'm excited for whatever life has in store for us. How ever shall my story end, it will be a good ending because if I die tomorrow, I will not regret a thing.